Maintenance Tips

To properly maintain your vehicle and keep it in good running condition, you must remember to perform scheduled maintenance. Regular oil and filter changes, transmission fluid flushes, tune-ups, and fuel filter changes will all help to keep your vehicle in great running condition.

To find out what service needs to be done at a certain mileage, you can refer to your vehicle's owners manual. You don’t have to take your vehicle to the dealer, as a certified repair facility we can perform all of these tasks for a lot less money than your vehicle dealer.

To answer your question, “Will performing scheduled maintenance at Acme Tire and Auto void my vehicles manufacturers warranty?” The answer is simply, NO. Maintenance done at our facility will NEVER void your warranty. All of our mechanics are fully certified and continuously train to stay current with new vehicle technologies.

Maintenance Tip of the Month

Please check your engine oil regularly. Also, make sure to check your tire pressure to assure that your vehicle is operating at maximum efficiency. Correct tire pressure can increase fuel mileage and give your vehicle a more comfortable ride.